Sunday, November 22, 2009

It Really Happened

What a wonderful week! Dakota and I were formally matched at Guide Dogs of Texas and we started our work together. A week full of getting to know each other, what to do and what not to do - but most important, just being together and starting a relationship that will help me feel more confident about dealing with my diabetes so I can concentrate on what I need to do - being a 12 year old boy!!

The staff and volunteers at Guide Dogs are awesome! They made me and my dad feel right at home and took great care of us so we could concentrate on the work at hand. Our work ranged from learning about how Dakota has been trained for an Alert Dog, continued obedience training (for both Dakota and me), and getting out in the real world to work through all the issues that may (and will) come up.

This week, Michelle and I will continue the training. That means more hours of slaving away at the movies, putt-putt golf and going out to eat - it's a tough life, but I'm up to it.

Until next time,

Dakota and Ben